Win a Writing Contest This Year

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As any writer will confess, with the first day of a new year comes new resolutions to “write more,” “write daily,” “write at least five pages a day,” or “get published this year.”

You’ll never get published if you don’t submit your work. So instead of watching endless episodes of “Breaking Bad,” or all three seasons of Seinfeld’s new Internet series about comedians in cars, try submitting your work on a regular basis.

One way to get published, and to get noticed, is to win or place in a writing contest. There are hundreds of contests every year, and many of them have no entry fee.

Make a resolution to enter one writing contest a month. You might not win, but you will have honed your writing skills. With luck, you may even get some feedback on your story or your writing style.

First things first. Find websites that list writing contests, and create your own writing submission calendar. Be sure to note the pertinent details, such as the deadline and word count.

Read all of the contest guidelines; there could be a theme or keyword you must write. Pay special attention to the submission guidelines. If you don’t follow the guidelines to the letter, your story may be tossed out immediately.

Here is one website that has detailed listings of writing contests coming up in 2014:


Writer’s compiles and posts an up-to-date listing of writing contests all over the world. The listing is free of charge; the site encourages winners of these contests to notify them so that they can feature the author’s work on their website.

***Bonus: Writer’s Views lists only writing contests that are FREE to enter!

Sneak preview of some of their listings:

Poetry Writing Contest
Springfield Film Festival and Springfield Art Institute have united their prize budgets to offer a writing competition for all levels and all ages to submit their own original poetry about Climate Change for a two round contest … more >>
Satirist Comedy Writing Contest
looking for the next George Carlin, the man referred to as, “a major force in comedy since 1960s and there will be no substitute for his insight, nor his tireless and hilarious attacks on the enfranchised …”, more >>
Love Story Writing Contest
is a contest for romance novelists and new writers who want to try writing about the magic of love and the everlasting love between a couple and their journey into deepest emotional bond that can be experienced … more >>

What are you waiting for? Pick a contest, any contest and enter. There is no fee; you have nothing to lose and everything to gain.

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Find writing contests now!

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Find writing contests now!

Rebel Writers,
Welcome to my blog! It’s for people who have always wanted to write for a living, but couldn’t figure out how and when to do it. It’s also for people who have begun to earn some money for freelance and creative writing, but would like to increase their earnings.

I was going to name my blog, “I want to be a writer,” but I decided that, dammit, I am a writer. I just don’t get paid for being a writer and no, my book is not published. So what? That doesn’t change the fact that I wrote the book. That makes me a writer. And, if you have written a short story or a poem or a novel and it is not published, you, too are a writer. An unpaid writer, true, but you are still a writer and it is time for me and for you to own it.

This blog is for you if:

You’ve always loved to write
You would love to do nothing but write and make a living from your writing
You want to write a novel but you don’t know where to start
You can’t decide if you should stick to short stories or novels
You have started at least one novel and abandoned it
You have finished at least one novel and it is still in the bottom drawer with your socks
You have finished your novel and tried to sell it but there were no takers
You self-published your work but you still own all the copies
You want to enter some writing contests, but you don’t have time to look for the best ones
You have a thousand reasons (like me) about why you are not a published author… yet

Today’s jumpstart writing advice: Google “writing contests” and see what’s out there.  Yes, I’m sure you’ve done this before. But today, PICK one contest that is free to enter, and send in your submission. Do it before the end of the day. There’s a link to Poets & Writers at the top of the page to get you started.