Tweets from the Deceased.7

computer keyboards

Nothing much doing today. Heading to some Podunk place called Waterloo.—N. Bonaparte

Why the long face?—Fred Gwynne

Why can’t anyone understand that it’s all relative?—A. Einstein

Follow me on Twitter and I’ll let you join my new church.—Henry VIII

Damneth hard to convey erudite thoughts with 140 characters. Screwith Twitter.—W. Shakespeare

Tweets from the Deceased.5

computer keyboards

The first 10,000 to follow me today get a free Cadillac.—Elvis

Thinking of a book about a pig and a spider who can talk. Nah, sounds crazy.—E.B. White

My parents are bugging me to get a real job and stop doodling all day.—Charles M. Schulz

Can’t find the right words, so I’m making them up as I go along.—Dr. Seuss

Got arrested for inciting a riot. Never underestimate the stupidity of the listening public.—Orson Welles

Tweets from the Deceased.4

computer keyboards

So I said to George Bush, read the book before you do anything rash.–Sun Tzu

I would have joined Twitter sooner if I had known it was free.–Jack Benny

break all the rules.—e.e. Cummings

Latest book rejected again. It’s about a boat that can travel under the sea.—Jules Verne

There is not one human problem that could not be solved if people would simply do as I advise.—Gore Vidal