Dominoes and Biscuits

The bride of Christ has left the building.

smoking nun.jpg

I am pleased to announce my essay, “Dominoes and Biscuits” was published by the

Longridge Review

Their mission is to present the finest essays on the mysteries of childhood experience, the wonder of adult reflection, and how the two connect over a lifespan. I am honored my essay was selected for publication.

Video image: Smoking Nuns

Tweets from the Deceased.7

computer keyboards

Nothing much doing today. Heading to some Podunk place called Waterloo.—N. Bonaparte

Why the long face?—Fred Gwynne

Why can’t anyone understand that it’s all relative?—A. Einstein

Follow me on Twitter and I’ll let you join my new church.—Henry VIII

Damneth hard to convey erudite thoughts with 140 characters. Screwith Twitter.—W. Shakespeare

Raven and Daisy: Guest Bloggers


Hi to all of you people behind this screen. Raven is in time out and our human is busy cleaning up the broken flower pot, so I thought I’d do a little solo blogging. Our human, Paulette, found out we posted “Raven & Daisy Learn How to Blog.” So now she is letting us be guest bloggers.

Just found this picture of me when I was a newborn. As you can see, I have been observing my human’s computer since I was a child.

Paulette came back last week after a 6 week writer’s retreat. She left us alone with Sven, our other human, who yelled at us in Swedish every day. We’re bilingual now. He thinks we don’t understand, but we know he is calling us little devils and he says we bug the wheat out of him.

Paulette betrayed us. She’s been in a cabin all this time writing—but she had two other cats with her. She says she was just watching them. And she said she loves us best. But there are foreign cat hairs all over her suitcase and clothes. They obviously sat on her lap for days on end. And they don’t even know how to blog. Plus they can’t speak two languages.

We have forgiven her, but she doesn’t need to know that. It’s getting us tons of extra snuggle time.




Raven is a big lug and his paws are huge. I’m the better typist. From now on, I’m doing all the talking.