Raven & Daisy Learn How to Blog


I’m Raven and I’m taking over my human’s blog. She just got so mad at me for messing up her notes, she went to the other room to have some wine. It’s a huge glass, too so she should be gone for awhile.

My sister, Daisy, got into even more trouble. I don’t know where she’s hiding.

Our human sits at this clackety thing all day long and we are not getting enough attention. We know she’s talking to somebody when she is clickety-clacking, so it must be you. We can’t figure out how you can fit behind this little screen, but we can’t figure out a lot of things about humans. Our human cuts her toenails, what a crazy thing to do. She’ll be sorry the next time she wants to climb a tree.

Daisy and I want you tell our human that we don’t like the cheap store brand cat food. Please leave a comment and tell her we want Friskies shredded cat food. It’s more fun to eat.

I’m Daisy. I’ve been punished for chewing up my human’s notes. I will tell you more about her next time. Raven and I have a plan to take over her blog whenever she goes out. She sometimes leaves us for months at a time, so this should be easy.


by Paulette Zander Ink to You

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