About Me and My Shadow

I was born on a fast moving train somewhere in Colorado, or possibly Nevada. My mother got off at the next stop. The rest is history, or herstory, as it were. Before my mother left me in the care of the California Zephyr’s porters, she named me “Luigi.” (Rumor has it I may be part Italian.)

The elderly black porter, Paul Alexander, who squired me all the way to Chicago, was horrified (“Luigi just ain’t fittin’ for a little white girl”) and renamed me in his honor. He vacillated for several hundred miles between Paulette and Alexandria, but finally settled on “little Paul.” Thus, I underwent a name change before my first diaper change.

My stories, real and imagined will appear randomly on this fabulous and free blog spot (words and concepts that did not exist when I entered this world.)

I’ve lived in 17 states and I blame my vagabond beginnings for my life-long gypsy ways. Today, I divide my time between Connecticut and New Mexico; the schizophrenic result of being born between two states.

As always, my thanks and gratitude to my name benefactor and first nanny, Mr. Alexander.

Paulette L. Zander

Official Bio so I appear professional:

Dual careers as an editor and book store owner, in addition to raising a family, kept my furtive writing at bay for several decades. I write creative non-fiction, flash fiction and short stories when I’m not working on my novel, which gets relegated to the sock drawer every few weeks. I have a BFA in English and Creative Writing  from Southern New Hampshire University. I begin my Master’s Degree in Creative Writing in January 2017.



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